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Seaton Neighbourhood
Palmerston West_SC02.jpg

Location: Seaton, Devon


Land West of Palmerston Heights, Seaton. Detailed design work on a proposal for 50 new homes at Seaton, Plymouth, overlooking the scenic Forder Valley. This contemporary scheme was designed to reflect local character and even uses locally-sourced stone which gives it a real sense of place

Working on this 1:6 gradient site was a challenge, but the use of Devon Banks instead of standard retaining walls reduced the severity of the level changes and moved the scheme towards biodiversity net gain.

Site Inclusions

  • 50 new Homes

  • Locally sourced Stone

  • Devon Banks

  • Level Changes / 1:6 Gradient

  • Biodiversity Net Gain


  • Detailed Design Work

  • 3D Visualisation

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